Consulting, partnership lead to success on tight deadline

UK Law Firm Irwin Mitchell


Irwin Mitchell had an extremely tight deadline to review and produce a large number of documents.

Once we started, we realized that to hit the deadline, we would need to use a contract review company. We were very happy with LDM’s recommendation.

~Rebecca McKenzie


LDM Global provided detailed keyword reports and consulted on a batching process to help streamline the review. LDM also recommended its contract review partner to get involved.

UK law firm Irwin Mitchell needed to process and review a large number of documents and produce the relevant documents to opposing counsel in only one week. After being contacted by Irwin Mitchell, the LDM Global team jumped in to ensure deadlines would be met in the most efficient way possible, utilizing consulting and also recommending their document review partner.

LDM Global’s consultant ran detailed reports on keywords and key data such as the source or custodian to provide Irwin Mitchell’s team with comprehensive knowledge of the data even before reviewing the actual documents. The information from those reports allowed the client to discuss keywords with opposing counsel and agree on mutually relevant terms.

Because the case was complex, Irwin Mitchell decided to code documents for 13 potential issues. To help streamline the coding process, LDM Global’s project manager consulted with the solicitors around the issue tags’ meanings and created a batching system to place documents into buckets potentially related to each issue.

Irwin Mitchell’s Rebecca McKenzie said the consultation and batching process was very useful.

“It got us in the right frame of mind (when seeing each document bucket) and improved during the process as we gave feedback to the team,” McKenzie said. “I believe it also helped out the reviewers, as well.”

During the quick turnaround, it was important to keep in constant communication with all those involved in the project, and McKenzie highlighted that as a project success.

“Once we started, we realized that to hit the deadline, we would need to use a contract review company. We were very happy with LDM’s recommendation,” she said. “We had calls between us, LDM and the document reviewers daily, if not several times a day, to make sure everything was going OK.”

Overall, McKenzie said she and Irwin Mitchell were happy with LDM Global’s work on the project. The disclosure deadlines were met, the project manager provided excellent customer service and consulting, and the partnership between LDM Global and the document review partner provided a seamless workflow.

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