What sets LDM Global apart?

LDM Global’s personalized discovery solutions are customized to the needs of your firm or company and your specific matter. Four uniques set us apart:

Global Partner with a Local Touch to Mid-Tier: We’ve worked in 39 countries, have data centers in four: the U.S., U.K., Australia and the Cayman Islands, and have a global network of trusted partners. We’re ready to partner with you anywhere in the world. In addition to our global reach, understanding our mid-tier clients’ capabilities and resources sets us apart.

Competitive Advantage Through an In-house Consultancy Team, Outside: Our expert eDiscovery and computer forensics consultants allow you to do more with less and compete with firms twice your size. Gain a competitive advantage by adding us to your team for litigation support without the investment of a costly in-house team. This allows you to add expertise to your team whenever you need it, getting a leg up on the competition. LDM Global’s consultation helps ensure best service and value for your clients, improving relationships and increasing the probability of you gaining referrals and repeat business.

Proportionate and Predictable Costs: LDM Global offers solutions to suit a broader range of matters, including smaller matters with fixed fees. We also offer guarantees to ensure your engagement with us is worthwhile. A free, 1-hour project scoping with a consultant helps you understand costs for realistic budgeting.

• Insolvency & Offshore Specialization: Our insolvency experts help to unravel the mysteries of insolvent entities by leveraging technology to build chronologies of events, performing tracing exercises and uncovering whether there was fraud through investigations using bank statements to follow the money, etc.

20 Years in Business

40 Countries Served

5,002 Delightful Projects