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LDM Global’s insolvency & offshore specialization a boon for insolvency cases
Contentious or complex corporate insolvencies can often cause confusion for legal teams, who need to move quickly to preserve data while not always having the access they would like. Insolvency experts help to unravel the mysteries of insolvent entities by leveraging technology to build chronologies of events, perform tracing exercises and uncover whether there was fraud using banking.

Q&A: Important considerations during insolvency investigations
LDM Global Director Sean Theron is an expert in leading forensics investigation, including fraud detection and asset tracing. He recently shared his recommendations and insight on how to best manage insolvency investigations.

The key to finding critical information faster for better case strategy
Whether eDiscovery is being used in a litigation or an investigation, a main goal is to find “the smoking guns” – those documents that prove the client wrong or proves the client right. An eDiscovery consultant helps do this on the front end so clients can focus on strategizing.

Identifying data before collections has big gains for law firms, clients
The value of consultancy at the outset of a case: Identifying data before collections has big gains for law firms, clients.

Q & A: How an eDiscovery consultant’s knowledge of case details, client objectives add value
Q & A with LDM Global Solutions Director Sharon Spiser about how an eDiscovery consultant’s knowledge of case details, client objectives add value.

Q & A: The importance of a forensics collection
Q & A with LDM Global Director Sean Theron about the importance of a forensics collection.

5 Ways to Reduce Your eDiscovery or eDisclosure Costs
Five best practices that will help lower your eDiscovery costs.

5 Reasons You Need an eDiscovery Strategy
Having a defined strategy will give you a competitive advantage against your competition. Read on to learn why you need a strategy and how to get started with a free analysis.

Why You Need eDiscovery: Finding the Needle in the Haystack
Finding that needle in the haystack of documents can be the key to your success. You find that needle through the use of processing, analytics and review.

Risks of Self-Collections
We are often asked about self-collections. In the vast majority of cases, it doesn’t make sense to collect yourself.

How to Handle 500 Truckloads of Email: A Primer on Email Threading
A significant eDiscovery cost factor is the amount of time for trained attorneys to review and tag for production those emails thought to be relevant to the case. The basic operating strategy to minimize these costs is based on the premise that not every email needs to be reviewed. In collected emails, many will be duplicates, so reviewers need not look at all of them.

eDiscovery visuals

eDiscovery at a Glance
How many pages are in a Gigabyte? Why does data expand after collection? What are ways to reduce the data for review? Learn about these questions and more.

Infographic: eDiscovery Cheat Sheet
This eDiscovery Cheat Sheet helps lawyers remember important details at each stage of the eDiscovery process.

Video: eDiscovery in a Minute
New to eDiscovery? Watch this 1-minute video for a brief overview of what eDiscovery is.

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