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Social Media and eDiscovery White Paper
As the popularity of social media within the corporate world continues to increase, the spectrum required for preservation in litigation and investigation matters has substantially broadened. With over one billion active Facebook accounts and 500 million Twitter subscribers, the likelihood is high in many disputes that relevant evidence can be found on these sites.

Defensible Data Collection White Paper
Incomplete and undocumented electronic discovery collections are one of the areas of highest risk and expense for corporations and their legal counsel. Litigation is a burden to clients because it is costly and distracts personnel from their core day‐to‐day business. … However, by not taking responsibility at the start of the case to collect data the right way, they place themselves at risk in both the short and the long term.

Managing eDiscovery Costs with Managed Services White Paper
LDM Global’s processing and hosting managed services offer clients predictable fee structures for scalable services appropriate to their volumes and in‐house capabilities. This paper uses LDM Global’s managed services as a platform for describing how key eDiscovery functions can be divided between lawyers and a service provider in a way that gives lawyers, and their clients, transparency and certainty as to the costs involved. (Co-written with Chris Dale)

Information Governance White Paper
Three driving factors of Information Governance are underscored in this whiter paper: risk management, controlling costs and the duty to preserve. It is intended to provide an understanding of Information Governance as It relates to an organization being proactive, prepared and poised for its legal and ethical duties in the event that it becomes involved in litigation.

Data Retention Policy Challenges White Paper
When potential litigation arises for almost any area of a business, from human resources to development, for disputes ranging from harassment claims to intellectual property disputes, how does a company protect itself?

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