A.C.E. – Accelerated Case Exploration

Jump-start your eDiscovery with ACE. It feels good to accomplish so much in so little time.

ACE your project with our ability to instantly show you data prior to review — make case decisions faster when you understand critical concepts and quickly identify relevant information in your document sets.

Your job is a lot easier with personalized Early Data Assessment.

  • Minimize risk with a faster response
  • Explore all media sources
  • Isolate exceptions
  • Produce data statistics, including created and date sent
  • Identify search term relevance
  • Utilize relationship analysis
  • Find duplicate documents

Any Language, Anywhere, Anytime: Our mission it to make your eDiscovery experience positively impact the value of your business.

Insider ViewWe’ve stood the test of time — More than 20 years with the same leadership affords us a unique perspective of the eDiscovery industry.

20 Years in Business

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