Data Collection & Forensic Analysis

The utmost attention to detail and sound decision-making throughout data collection is essential.  Spoliation — contamination of digital evidence — can damage critical data and could be considered gross negligence. Additionally, our consultants can help identify what data is needed to comply with the discovery requests.

You don’t have to worry when LDM Global is your partner.

Make sure your data has a seat at the table.

  • Ensure admissible data in court through defensible processes
  • Overcome obstinate data with forensic imaging
  • Choose between live or remote data acquisition
  • Overcome data challenges and unknowns with dedicated consultants
  • Trust onsite advisors to interpret results
  • Rely on expert testimony by CCE certified examiners


Any Language, Anywhere, Anytime: Our mission it to make your eDiscovery experience positively impact the value of your business.

When we say “Anywhere,” we mean it — Our team has collected data under armed guard aboard cargo ships off the African coast. Where the data is, we must go!

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40 Countries Served

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