Hard Copy Services

You work in a digital world — it’s hard to even conceive how you used to handle records. And yet, thousands of resurrected paper documents require scanning and processing for review.  You benefit from our experience processing hard copies in unusual and difficult circumstances.

Relax, you don’t have to worry — we cut our teeth on paper.

You want the best logistics possible when those paper records are resurrected.

  • Set up on-site project centers within hours of your go-ahead
  • Collect, scan, and integrate hard copies into your review database
  • Optimize documents into searchable text
  • Code material for organization and review purposes
  • Generate prints — black & white or color — from any media type

Any Language, Anywhere, Anytime: Our mission it to make your eDiscovery experience positively impact the value of your business.

20 Years in Business

40 Countries Served

5,002 Delightful Projects