Testimonials from some of our happy clients:

“LDM Global’s consultant was able to do some parsing through a pretty big number of documents to get them into some categories that were very helpful. She was able to isolate the important stuff so we could get to the heart of the matter very quickly.”
- Robert N. LeMay, Kane Russell Coleman & Logan PC, US

“In general when working with other vendors, the assistance I get from them is much more non-substantive; it’s more the mechanics of document processing and setting up review. There was certainly a lot more value added in with what (LDM Global) brought to our case.”
- Stuart Gross, Gross & Klein LLP, US

“It has been a pleasure dealing with everyone at LDM – what a great experience! Everyone has been very helpful and responsive to my questions and requests. I love working on Viewpoint – it’s very user-friendly.”
– Dianna Matsuda, Richards Carrington, LLC (formerly the Law Office of Doug Richards), US

“LDM Global’s ability to find alternative solutions to ensure an effective litigation hold and also enable us to determine the details we needed for the disclosure report, without removing any data, strengthened our position on the case. LDM Global’s advice was very useful in portraying the client’s position and helped in settling the case.”
- Herc Ashworth, Darwin Gray, UK

“Our team was initially using another eDisclosure product but going through documents was quite burdensome. The switch to Viewpoint made it easier and faster to scroll through documents and the product is quite intuitive.”
- Helene Sironneau, Winter Scott, UK

“From my perspective I found (the eDiscovery software) an excellent tool, and it worked well for us. I would say that we got the most benefit from it when we engaged directly with your team to perform the searches and collate the relevant information for us, which I must say they were excellent and good value.
I have recommended LDM to several accountancy and law firms on island based on our experience.”
– Barry Lynch, RHSW, Grand Cayman

“(LDM Global’s Project Manager) knows this system in and out and was able to provide me with filters, even with the coding issues on our end. I learned from her in 2-3 hours what would normally take a week of training.”
- Experienced Associate, Top Global Accounting Firm

“I found LDM Global an excellent company to do business with; they are fast and efficient and they managed our complicated requirements within the required timescales and to an assured quality.”
- Top 3 Global Accountancy Firm

“I just wanted to thank you for the response we received from LDM Global just before Christmas. You were available to take my call late at night and responded immediately and effectively. I was extremely impressed by the level of service provided, and your company earned significant credit in the eyes of our firm.”
- 20 UK Law Firm

“The project undertaken by LDM Global was extremely successful. We would certainly use LDM Global again on this and other types of project. They have the experience and resource to deliver large projects on time, accurately, and cost effectively and are particularly impressive on their prioritization of client care and satisfaction. In fact, LDM Global’s speed and efficiency gave us a particular advantage during trial in the Royal Courts of Justice and even got noticed by the judge.”
- Leading Insurance Law Firm

“We have been very happy with the service received from LDM Global in the past and look forward to dealing with you in the future.”
- UK Law Firm of the Year

“We have been using the services of LDM Global for some time now and have been extremely happy with the overall service provided. The service provided is extremely fast and has the advantage of being very flexible and reasonably priced. Any problems that have been encountered have always been dealt with efficiently and effectively.”
- Top 50 UK Law Firm

“Many thanks once again. Our firm has undertaken quite a lot of business with LDM Global over the past few months. I trust that we can continue to work together.”
- Top 100 UK Law Firm

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