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Why aren’t the reports showing me what I need?

Top Global Accounting Firm


During a large review, the client wanted detailed reports on reviewer productivity and were having problems finding the data they needed, wasting valuable time and not getting the expected results.

[LDM Global employee] Sunshine knows this system in and out and was able to provide me with filters, even with the coding issues on our end. I learned from her in 2-3 hours what would normally take a week of training.

~Experienced Associate, Top Global Accounting Firm


In order to resolve the errors, LDM restructured some of the client's searches and showed them how to automate their reporting and QC the results, eliminating hours of frustrating work for the client.

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A “collection” where nothing actually gets collected?

UK commercial law firm


A large public hospital trust would not sanction a typical data collection due to EU Data Protection and confidentiality concerns.

LDM Global’s advice was very useful in portraying the client’s position and helped in settling the case.

~Herc Ashworth, Darwin Gray


LDM Global consulted to help the client leverage technology to overcome the need to remove any data.

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You have how many gigabytes to process by Monday?

US Based Global Law Firm


300 GB of email data in the U.K. had to be processed and reviewed ahead of the court’s rapidly approaching deadline — and the client was adamant about cost control.

What really set LDM Global apart from other providers was their responsiveness, flexibility, innovation and client-centered approach.

~Project Leader, Kirkland & Ellis


Within 24 hours of receipt, the data prior to processing had been reduced to 120 GB and easily made ready for review — cost was capped at a 50% of the original proposal, meeting the client’s budget.

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The judge ordered you to produce documents by when?

US Pharmaceutical Company


Over 200,000 papers stored in the U.K. needed to be processed and scanned for a U.S. patent infringement suit — fast. Data privacy and strict European Medicines Agency (EMA) compliance were critical.

LDM Global responsiveness, quality, critical security provisions and their ability to respond to our very specific requirements from start to finish saved us countless hours and thousands of dollars.


In a matter of days, a dedicated team was in place at the U.K. facility. Document scanning was handled on site and completed ahead of schedule — despite a surprise compliance audit.

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Remember when you could prepare documentation yourself?

Australian Construction Company


A company being sued by a private developer had to navigate today’s complicated eDiscovery landscape. Experienced help and project management was urgently needed — at a price it could afford.

The ability to manage the entire project through LDM Global provided expert project management and yielded significant cost relief.


The entire project was handled in-house by a dedicated team. Over 2 million documents were collected, culled, and processed for review without disrupting day-to-day business operations.

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You need data from 100 custodians in how many countries?

International Law Firm


100 custodians located around the globe required on-site data collection, totaling over five terabytes. Multiple languages and character sets were involved along with global data protection laws.

All data was processed, culled, and presented for review – less than 10 days after the initial contact and fully compliant with regulatory requirements.


In less than 10 days, LDM Global produced a comprehensive and fully compliant database for review — including 60 GB of data that had been deemed unable to process by a competitor.

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