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Lawyer with more than 20 years’ experience leads high-efficiency, secure service

LDM Global, a global consultancy providing Digital Forensics, eDiscovery and Cybersecurity services, announced today its new Managed Document Review Service.

LDM Global’s Document Review Service, which is already being utilized by several clients, provides consistent, streamlined results at a fraction of the costs of external counsel, while freeing overburdened internal attorneys for higher value tasks. Today marks the public launch of the service when all clients can now benefit from true end-to-end eDiscovery services provided by 22-year-old company LDM Global.

Legal Services Director Rashmi Kishore, a lawyer with more than two decades of experience, oversees the document review team in India. She has worked on over 200 projects with more than 15 million  documents, spanning industries, languages and locations.

Legal Service Director Rashmi Kishore leads the document review team in India.

“Partnering with some of the top global law firms and corporations has been a very fulfilling experience. As we witness major structural changes in law firms and business models, lawyers are now not merely highlighting technical legal issues but are also shaping strategies and working on business challenges, ” Kishore said. “I am excited to now be associated with LDM Global who already has a strong base of top legal clients, some of whom have already started taking advantage of our offshore legal support services.”

LDM Global’s document review service is flexible and scalable, allowing clients to customize the service to their unique needs while ensuring they hit deadline.

Data security is a top priority for LDM Global, who also provides cybersecurity services to clients, and measures are put in place both at the physical document review center in Mohali, India, and at each of four data centers around the world to ensure clients’ data is secure.