White Paper: Consultancy Offers Value, Creative Solutions to Clients

by Conor Looney | CEO | Sep 30, 2019 | Digital Forensics, eDisclosure, eDiscovery, News, White Paper

White Paper details 4 digital forensics and eDiscovery case studies

For consultation to be effective, adding value while reducing the potential risk for clients, the consultation timing at the beginning of a matter is key. Understanding clients’ objectives early on allows for consultation with the big picture in mind, eliminating inefficient or duplicative efforts throughout the matter while also ensuring clients’ ESI obligations are met.

When working with an effective and experienced consultant, clients can benefit from creative solutions and find added value in their matters.

The following case studies highlight different solutions and value provided when working with an experienced forensics and eDiscovery consultant.


  • How a consultant can help locate “smoking gun” documents
  • Why your keyword search may be missing important documents
  • How simply identifying data can sometimes be enough rather than completing a full forensics collection
  • How AI tools can support you – but only when the implementer understands how they work

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