White Paper: How to Contain Costs and Maximize Value in eDiscovery

by Conor Looney | CEO | Sep 30, 2019 | eDisclosure, eDiscovery, News

With discovery costs easily dwarfing other costs during a litigation, practitioners should look at strategies to help contain those costs while also maximizing the value of eDiscovery.

An experienced eDiscovery partner such as LDM Global will include these strategies as part of its consultation into your matter.

Our White Paper takes a look at 4 of those proven strategies.
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LDM Global Vice President of Operations Joseph Friedmann

“Starting from a standard, basic process and modifying it for your specific project will ensure the process runs as efficiently as possible, saving money in the process,” said LDM Global Vice President of Operations Joseph Friedmann. “Understanding the goals, deadlines, involved parties, potential issues, data sources and acceptable outcomes guides the process to create efficient workflows for a successful project.”