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Russell Geraghty and Davide Migali bring vast experience in eDisclosure and litigation support

LDM Global today announced the appointment of two senior employees in the United Kingdom.

Davide Migali has been named Solutions Consultant, supporting clients with their eDisclosure and digital forensics projects. Russell Geraghty has been appointed Business Development Manager, customising solutions to clients’ specific needs.   

LDM Global Solutions Consultant Davide Migali

Migali is an experienced eDisclosure manager and qualified lawyer, having worked for several law firms and eDisclosure service providers. His experience includes managing all aspects of an eDisclosure project, including advising clients on workflow, review strategies, and disclosure protocols. Migali assists client legal teams in designing eDisclosure protocols and predictive coding and advanced analytics workflows. 

“What fascinates me about the industry is that, through the intelligent application of different technologies, it is possible for a very small team of subject matter experts to quickly find fundamental evidence for their case,” Migali said. “Review and analytical tools augment the capabilities and effectiveness of legal professionals and, essentially, help them focus on the legal component of their task instead of having to spend hours manually working on low level tasks.” 

LDM Global Business Development Manager
Russell Geraghty

Geraghty started his career in law enforcement before moving into fraud, cybercrime and eDisclosure. He has several years of experience working for eDisclosure providers in the UK, where his clients benefited from his attention to detail, responsiveness and skills in customising solutions based on their needs. He currently oversees business development for the EMEA region.  

“I enjoy diving into matters with my clients and understanding their objectives and challenges with the project,” Geraghty said. “No two matters are the same, and customising the solution based on the specific need always results in happier clients and more efficient workflows.” 

Both Migali and Geraghty are based in London.