The Top 5 Skills to Look for in a Contract Attorney

by Conor Looney | CEO | Jul 6, 2023 | Contract Attorney, eDiscovery

Why are Contract Attorneys Essential for Law Firms?

Law firms must leverage top talent in the competitive legal landscape to maintain their edge. However, hiring and retaining full-time employees can be costly and risky. Contract attorneys offer a solution by providing specialized expertise without the financial commitment of a permanent hire. 

Contract attorneys bring valuable skills and knowledge to law firms. They can contribute to business development, offer guidance on complex matters, and even handle specific cases under contract. By utilizing contract attorneys, full-time lawyers have more time to focus on other tasks. Additionally, contract attorneys bring fresh perspectives and can provide support during peak periods or high-profile cases. 

Engaging contract attorneys often prove more cost-effective than hiring full-time employees. Firms only pay for the hours worked, reducing expenses and ensuring resource allocation aligns with actual needs. This allows businesses to achieve savings while maintaining high-quality legal services. 

Skills to look out for: 

1. Legal Expertise and Experience: 

Contract attorneys offer businesses invaluable legal expertise and experience, serving as a crucial safeguard to protect their interests and avoid costly legal disputes. Their deep understanding of legal standards and processes enables them to provide effective guidance and support. 

With diverse legal backgrounds and expertise, contract attorneys can form a well-rounded advisory team. Their areas of specialization may cover contracts, negotiations, mergers and acquisitions, compliance, finance, and corporate governance. This breadth of knowledge ensures that the legal advice and services provided are tailored to meet each client’s specific needs. 

Contract attorneys also bring years of practical experience to the table. Their familiarity with legal processes, documentation, and procedures is extensive. Having often worked in law firms or corporate legal departments, they possess a comprehensive understanding of business law and the complex challenges faced by firms in today’s dynamic legal landscape. 

2. Attention to Detail and Analytical Skills: 

Contract attorneys excel in attention to detail, possessing a keen eye for analysing contracts meticulously. Their analytical skills enable them to delve beyond the contract’s wording, identifying and assessing relevant legal implications. Drawing on their experience and expertise, they skillfully analyse challenges and devise appropriate solutions. 

Critical thinking is paramount for contract attorneys, who approach contract management with objectivity and strategic evaluation. They thoroughly study the situation, actively listen to client needs, and creatively assess available solutions to determine the most suitable course of action. Their ability to think critically allows them to navigate complex legal scenarios effectively. 

3. Communication and Interpersonal Skills: 

Contract attorneys excel in communication skills, fostering strong client connections and actively engaging in the arbitration and negotiation process. They adeptly convey complex legal concepts in an accessible manner, ensuring clients and stakeholders comprehend vital information. 

Timely information exchange is pivotal for swift dispute resolution. Contract attorneys possess excellent negotiation and conflict resolution abilities, facilitating productive discussions, and identifying areas of agreement and disagreement for successful arbitration and negotiation. 

Collaboration is key for contract attorneys, who thrive in team environments. Effective collaboration with colleagues, both within and outside the legal field, ensures clients receive the utmost legal representation. Maintaining professional connections across diverse practice areas enables contract attorneys to engage efficiently and cost-effectively. 

4. Time Management and Organization: 

Contract attorneys excel in time management as they navigate multiple responsibilities and clients simultaneously to meet deadlines. Their success hinges on effective organization, prioritization, and goal-setting. Clear objectives and deadlines guide their workflow, supported by robust time management tools like calendars and reminders. 

Superior organizational skills are crucial for contract attorneys to track projects and ensure the timely completion of legal services. They adeptly organize, access, and review legal documents, research materials, client information, and other pertinent data necessary for their tasks. 

Operating with efficiency and productivity under tight deadlines is a hallmark of contract attorneys. They thrive in independent work settings, effectively managing their workload and focusing on the task at hand without succumbing to distractions. Contract attorneys understand their working capacities and leverage their optimal times and environments for peak productivity. 

5. Adaptability and Flexibility: 

Contract attorneys possess a unique skill set that enables them to excel in contractual work. They thrive in a fast-paced and ever-changing legal environment, demonstrating exceptional versatility and flexibility. 

These professionals embrace new technologies and legal processes, seamlessly integrating them into their work while ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations. They have a keen ability to explore and understand the implications of emerging technologies within their specific legal field. 

Contract attorneys are well-suited for short-term or project-based assignments, showcasing their adaptability and quick learning capabilities. They swiftly grasp the scope of a project and readily adjust to evolving deadlines and shifting priorities. Their flexibility is a key asset in delivering high-quality legal services within dynamic and time-sensitive contexts. 


Choosing the right contract attorney for your firm’s needs can be challenging, but it’s crucial to find someone qualified, knowledgeable, and compatible with your working environment. With a skilled contract attorney on board, your business can benefit from invaluable legal services, ensuring you have the necessary protection and guidance to navigate the legal system successfully. 

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