Managed Document Review – LDM Global India vs. USA

by Zoltan Horvath | Jun 13, 2024 | Document Review, eDiscovery, Managed Document Review

When deciding between document review services based in India or the US, key factors to consider include cost, quality, legal expertise, time zone differences, and subject matter familiarity. 

1. Cost: India-based document review services, such as those offered by LDM Global, often present a more cost-effective option than their US counterparts. This is due to favorable differences in labor costs and currency exchange rates. For organizations seeking to optimize their budget, this can be a significant factor to consider, providing a sense of financial security.

2. Quality and Expertise: LDM Global’s India-based document review services stand out for their superior quality. This is because LDM exclusively hires full-time review attorneys who have chosen document review as their career, ensuring high expertise. When selecting a document review service provider, it is crucial to consider both matter-specific quality control processes and institutional quality controls. US/EU/UK-based service providers that rely on temporary staffing may have less effective institutional controls. At LDM Global, review teams receive industry-specific training in finance, manufacturing, taxation, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, data security, energy, transportation, M&A, and intellectual property. The entire review process takes place at LDM’s advanced operations facility, promoting in-person collaboration and ensuring the highest level of security. This can be critical in complex legal cases where accuracy and comprehension of legal concepts are paramount, instilling confidence in the audience about the quality of our services.

3. People

  • 1000+ full-time associates – all fluent English speakers
  • 90% of employees have Law or Commerce degrees.
  • All our Associates are law graduates from Tier 1 universities. 
  • All Review staff have studied Law in English. 
  • All associates have signed confidentiality agreements and have background checks. 
  • We do not engage any contractors for our reviews.
  • Extremely Experienced leadership – diverse industry experience.
  • 100% in-office team – no remote work policy.

4. Culture

  • View our culture and work practices as a differentiator.  
  • Everyone is an Associate, not just another employee.
  • Respect in the Workplace certified. “India 5000 BEST MSME Award”
  • Process-driven – Hiring, Training, Management, Recognition
  • Core Values of Team, Results, Accountability, and Quality (TRAQ)

5. Time Zone Differences: India-based document review teams may operate in a different time zone (India Standard Time – IST), which can be advantageous for tasks requiring 24/7 or follow-the-sun coverage.

6. Data Security and Privacy: At LDM’s Tier IV physical security advanced operations facility, review services must be conducted in-office, on LDM desktop computers while ensuring data security and privacy standards are followed for India-based operations. US/EU/UK-based service providers rely on a temporary staffing model where associates typically perform their document review services remotely from their homes, raising concerns about potential security risks.

  • LDM is SOC 2 Type II compliant and holds certification under ISO 27001. LDM Global strictly adheres to HIPAA compliance standards. We also comply with industry standards and regulations, such as the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) in the United States and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union. 

7. Scalability and Flexibility: India-based document review services offer greater scalability and flexibility due to access to a larger pool of skilled professionals. This can be advantageous for projects requiring rapid scalability or handling large volumes of documents.  LDM can assemble a team for small to medium-sized projects in 24 hours. For larger projects, it may take up to 48 hours. However, for large projects, we can start with a smaller team within 24 hours and then scale up to the desired number within 2 to 3 days. If we need to hire additional resources, it may take up to a week. Our team currently consists of 500+ lawyers, and 15% of them are available to start working on a project immediately.

8. Client Preferences and Requirements: The decision to choose between a document review service based in India or the United States depends on the client’s specific needs and preferences. If cost, quality, security, subject expertise, scalability, and flexibility are the determining factors, then LDM Global’s review services based in India would be the ideal choice. After establishing a partnership, organizations often work repeatedly with their offshore service providers.

It’s essential for organizations to thoroughly evaluate and compare the offerings of both India-based and US-based document review services based on their unique requirements, budget constraints, and strategic objectives. Additionally, conducting due diligence, seeking references, and assessing the track record of potential service providers can help make an informed decision.