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What our Clients Say

Truly Global

“The LDM team in the true sense was Global, efficiently and seamlessly delivering service across time zones. Having worked with a lot of eDiscovery vendors in the past, I feel their expertise and project handling by far was impeccable making the review process for me very easy.”

– Michelle Seares, Associate Holland & Hart

Creative Thinking

The LDM Global team is very innovative and comes up with good ideas. They think outside the box for solutions based on our specific project objectives.

– Jasmine Brown, Manager, FFP

Around the Clock Support

Any time I needed something, LDM was there for me. The team was available at any time and would support me.”

– Michael Rogers, Associate, Ogier

Responsive and Detailed

“We engaged LDM Global for assistance with a project with a very short timeframe. They engaged promptly, professionally, and stayed engaged with appropriate contact throughout the project. Their response to inquiries was both fast and detailed. The quality of the end result was good, and the platform it was delivered on was both intuitive (easy to use) and had all the features we needed. 

“We were very pleased with the interaction and engagement overall and would highly recommend to others.”

– Benjamin Corll,
Head of Cybersecurity and Data Protection, Coats

A Partner, Not a Vendor

“In general when working with other vendors, the assistance I get from them is much more nonsubstantive; it’s more the mechanics of document processing and setting up review.There was certainly a lot more value added in with what (LDM Global) brought to our case.”

– Stuart Gross, Managing Partner, Gross & Klein LLP

The Heart of the Matter

 “LDM Global’s consultant was able to do some parsing through a pretty big number of documents to get them into some categories that were very helpful. She was able to isolate the important stuff so we could get to the heart of the matter very quickly.”

– Robert N. LeMay, Director, Kane Russell Coleman & Logan

Solutions for Insolvency Practitioners

“What LDM can offer liquidators is an invaluable tool to assist us in our primary objective of protecting assets. … Even on a small budget, LDM can offer solutions that work.”

– Graham Robinson, Chris Johnson Associates

Expertise that Benefits Clients

LDM Global’s Project Manager “knows this system in and out and was able to provide me with filters, even with the coding issues on our end. I learned from her in 2-3 hours what would normally take a week of training.”

– Experienced Associate, Top Global Accounting Firm