Unravel the mystery of insolvent entities

Solutions for insolvency and offshore practitioners

Document scanning, forensic collections and eDiscovery can all help in insolvency investigations or proceedings. Our insolvency experts have done it all and help consult on the best course of action to get you the results you need. Download our Insolvency Help Guide, including two case studies and a Q&A here. Input your contact details below to access the download.

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Solutions offered

  • Hard-copy scanning services
  • Forensic collections
  • eDiscovery services
  • Build a chronology of events to “Find the Fraud.”
  • “Tracing exercises” using concept and social analyses
  • SQL backends to build models of equitable tracing principles such as the Lowest Intermediate Balance Rule (LIBR), Last In First Out (LIFO), and/or First In First Out (FIFO).
  • Consultation on Information Sharing Agreements


  • Timing. In insolvency matters, it’s important for processes to move quickly. LDM Global will meet set deadlines and be efficient in our deliverables so that you are efficient in your matter.
  • Predictable costs. Whether your matter is big or small, we can offer you options such as standard pricing or fixed fees.
  • Organizing the data. Organization allows you to find the relevant information more quickly and efficiently. Let our consultants advise and guide you on complex investigations.
  • “Don’t miss information.” Built-in quality checks to see if there are gaps in the data, such as email communications missing when the other side won’t give you all the information.
  • Protection. One of your first points of business is to secure the books and records. IPs are officers of the courts, so their actions are subject to scrutiny by the courts, shareholders, and creditors. You need to ensure that this is done in a defensible manner, and we can help!

“What LDM can offer liquidators is an invaluable tool to assist us in our primary objective of protecting assets.
(Our case) highlights that, even on a small budget, LDM can offer solutions that work.”

– Graham Robinson, Insolvency Practitioner, Chris Johnson Associates