Data Requests – CCPA / DSAR

Specific, Direct, Timely Response

Determine what personal information you have, where it’s located, and its purpose to respond to DSARs and CCPA data requests. LDM Global can complete the entire process or expedite your internal efforts.

Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs)

DSAR Solutions by LDM Global ensures law firms and corporations respond to Data Subject Access Requests quickly and efficiently.

Consumer Rights Requests (CCPA)

Let us do the heavy lifting and help streamline the process as you respond to Consumer Rights Requests under the California Consumer Privacy Act

  • Meet your 30- or 45-day deadline
  • Employ standardized workflows built on experience with common request types
  • Control costs with flat fees or subscription-based pricing
  • Collect data from across the data-ecosystem
  • Automatically identify duplicative copies of Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Deliver redacted documents to protect the PII of third parties
  • Verify the integrity of all produced data
  • Use advanced technology to comply with data deletion requests

Why depend on LDM Global for your DSAR and CCPA responses?

Depend on our Team to handle the entire process or join your team’s efforts

Depend on our Results to be timely and thorough

Depend on our Accountability to ensure that reporting is accurate

Depend on our Quality to deliver an accurate response the first time

CCPA and GDPR levy stiff fines for non-compliance with data requests. You need an efficient, economical and experienced partner to comply.

Responsive and Detailed

“We engaged LDM Global for assistance with a project with a very short timeframe. They engaged promptly, professionally, and stayed engaged with appropriate contact throughout the project. Their response to inquiries was both fast and detailed. The quality of the end result was good, and the platform it was delivered on was both intuitive (easy to use) and had all the features we needed.
“We were very pleased with the interaction and engagement overall and would highly recommend to others.”

Benjamin Corll

Head of Cybersecurity and Data Protection, Coats