Internal investigations

Thorough, discreet fact-finding

When you suspect financial fraud or staff malfeasance, you need tangible, admissible evidence. Our global team finds the facts and corroborates allegations in employee or financial investigations.

  • Discreet – Access information prudently
  • Global – Capitalize on our international presence – we are where you are
  • Non-disruptive – Continue your business processes as we work behind the scenes
  • Legally admissible – Track all activity and data for use in future matters
  • Reassuring – Uncover issues that impact compliance or identify wrongdoing to mitigate risks
  • Thorough – Gather data from multiple sources with leading technologies

Why depend on LDM Global for your internal investigations?

Our Team partners with you to design and implement a customized plan

Our Results come from a tenacious pursuit of the truth

Our Accountability and reports support your compliance requirements

Our Quality ensures that you find the key factual data

Unchecked threats can mean dire consequences, you need facts, fast.

A Partner, Not a Vendor

“In general when working with other vendors, the assistance I get from them is much more non–substantive; it’s more the mechanics of document processing and setting up review. There was certainly a lot more value added in with what (LDM Global) brought to our case.”

Stuart Gross

Managing Partner, Gross & Klein LLP, USA