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Production isn't truly the end-game in eDiscovery. What really matters is the insight you gain from the data. LDM Global enlists our finely-tuned processes, relevant experience, and proven expertise to help you gather that intelligence quickly, with minimal effort, and cost predictability.

Digital Forensics

Our computer forensics experts will help you figure out the Why.


Make strategic decisions early on in your case.

Managed Document Review

We ensure the best value for your review project.

Digital Forensics

The roadmap to the “Why” of your matter

In the digital forensics world, the Who, What, Where and When is in the metadata. Once our computer forensics experts perform a targeted, comprehensive, defensible data collection, we’ll help you figure out the Why.

  • Find everything – We identify all sources of relevant ESI
  • Include it all – We collect from multiple platforms and devices
    • Mobile devices
    • The Cloud
    • Network drives
    • Email
    • Social media
    • App data
  • Access otherwise unavailable data – We recover data that is encrypted, protected by passwords, hidden, or deleted
  • Rest assured your data is secure – We keep security at the forefront of our priorities.
    • All of our data centers are ISO compliant
    • All of our practices are defensible and repeatable so your data can stand up in court
  • Depend on our expert witnesses – We have the experience, knowledge, and credentials to support court challenges

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Efficient, accurate, affordable discovery

General Counsel who face litigation understand the risk of exposing the company’s crown jewels. LDM Global knows that data privacy and security are paramount. Your data is stored in one of our five data centers around the world and remains in your chosen jurisdiction all the way from processing to production.

  • Include everything from social media posts to data from shared drives in your data set
  • Cull the data set judiciously and efficiently
  • Gather intelligence quickly with Early Case Assessment
  • Capitalize on our system-training experience to expedite Technology Assisted Review
  • Identify the most relevant data using TAR
  • Organize your review with Data Analytics
  • Get to the heart of the matter, meet your obligations, improve outcomes

View how our experts address situations – Case Studies

Document Review

Gain a competitive advantage

We provide consistent, streamlined results at a fraction of the cost of external counsel, and free-up in-house attorneys for higher-value tasks.

  • Rely on our experienced team – Led by a lawyer with 24 years of experience, our expert eyes have delivered more than 150 projects with over 15 million documents, spanning industries, languages and locations
  • Draw from institutional knowledge – Our team of reviewers learns your data and processes for transfer of knowledge between matters
  • Be assured of data security – Your data is stored in one of our four data centers around the world and never leaves your chosen jurisdiction
  • Capitalize on our system-training experience to expedite Technology Assisted Review
  • Understand the content early – Daily reports of tagging results help you identify the actual issues in the matter
  • Sleep soundly at night – Our expert reviewers are in India, so they work while you sleep. Batches of reviewed documents are delivered on a rolling basis first thing in the morning

View how our experts address situations – Case Studies

Why rely on LDM Global for your Litigation support needs?

Depend on our Team to understand your matter-specific eDiscovery obligations

Depend on our Results to reduce the risk of sanctions, case delays, or missed documents

Our Accountability supports your budgeting requirements

Depend on the Quality of our deliveries – accuracy is our #1 priority

When you are faced with a discovery request, you need expert, experienced, affordable litigation support.

Expertise that Benefits Clients

“LDM Global’s Project Manager “knows this system in and out and was able to provide me with filters, even with the coding issues on our end. I learned from her in 2-3 hours what would normally take a week of training.”

Experienced Associate, Top Global Accounting Firm