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the WHY

In the forensics world, the Who, What, Where and When is in the metadata.
After we’ve collected this, we’ll use it to help you figure out the “Why” in your matter.

All Sources of Information Identified

It’s imperative that you have all of the relevant electronically stored information (ESI)
and don’t miss anything. We find that for you.

All Sources Covered

Your data is not limited to a single platform or device; you need it all covered,
including mobile devices, email and social media tracking; and aggregating data from apps and accounts. Our experts and sophisticated tools can do it all.

Essential Data Recovery

 Data recovery is required for a complete investigation, and you don’t have time
to worry about files that are encrypted, protected by passwords, hidden or deleted.
Leave the heavy lifting to us and save your own time for what you’re best at.

Security and Defensibility

Security is at the forefront of our priorities. All of our data centers are ISO compliant —­­ ensuring that your ESI is safe and secure. We follow defensible practices
to ensure your data can stand up in court.

Expert Witnesses

Data and approaches can be challenged in court. You want a forensics specialist who can testify about the repeatable, defensible processes used to find your data.
We have that experience.

“What LDM can offer liquidators is an invaluable tool to assist us in our primary objective of protecting assets. (Our case) highlights that,
even on a small budget, LDM can offer solutions that work.” Graham Robinson

Insolvency Practitioner, Chris Johnson Associates

“LDM Global’s forensic analysis
became a key piece of our case.
The forensics report helped our team reach a settlement, rather than needing to go further
and take the case to trial.” Managing Partner

Small Law Firm, U.S.

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or are they simply doing the mechanics?