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Investigations – Internal and Financial

Thorough, discreet fact-finding

When you suspect fraud or malfeasance, you need tangible, admissible evidence. Our global team uncovers the facts to corroborate the allegations.

Financial Investigations

Technology Driven Asset Tracing

Our financial investigations team has discovered the true power of Artificial Intelligence. LDM Global experts use bespoke AI solutions to answer your most pressing question in fraud and Ponzi scheme investigations: Where are the funds?


To get there, we reconstruct the story:

  • Who was aware of the malfeasance?
  • Who received money and how much?
  • Where did the money go?

Why depend on LDM Global for your asset tracing investigations?

We deliver a Team that uncovers the truth

We deliver actionable Results

We deliver Accountability with extensive reporting

We deliver Quality every time

You know there has been a fraud, now you need the tools and partner to recover the funds.

Internal Investigations

Thorough, discreet fact-finding

  • Prudent – Access information discreetly
  • International – Capitalize on our multi-national presence – we are where you are
  • Non-disruptive – Continue your business processes as we work behind the scenes
  • Defensible – Track all activity and data for use in future matters
  • Risk mitigating – Uncover issues that impact compliance or identify wrongdoing
  • Exhaustive – Gather data from multiple sources with leading technologies
  • Specific – Target the examination to your matter: employee investigation, whistleblower, fraud investigation

Why depend on LDM Global for your internal investigations?

Our disciplined Team rolls up their sleeves to get the job done

Our rapid Results are made possible by defined processes

Our individual and collective Accountability are the bedrock of LDM Global

Our world-class Quality will exceed your expectations

Unmitigated risks can have unintended ramifications, you need facts, fast.

“We engaged LDM Global for assistance with a project with a very short timeframe. They engaged promptly, professionally, and stayed engaged with appropriate contact throughout the project. Their response to inquiries was both fast and detailed. The quality of the end result and the platform it was delivered on was both intuitive (easy to use) and had all the features we needed.
We were very pleased with the interaction and engagement overall, and would highly recommend to others.”

Benjamin Corll

Vice President, Coats, USA

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