Law Firms

A Global Partner for Multinational Firms

Our multi-national team of legal support experts handles your toughest data-related challenges, so you can focus on the legal issues.

To gain repeat business from your clients, you need to support all of their data-related legal issues. LDM Global partners with your firm to assess risk and develop a reasonable, defensible strategy for each matter.

Litigation Support

Expertly executed digital forensics, data processing, & document review deliver the insights needed to make informed decisions for every client on every matter.


When you suspect fraud or malfeasance, you need tangible, admissible evidence. Our global team uncovers the facts to corroborate the allegations.

IP Litigation

Our IP litigation support team leverages the power of AI in unique workflows to deliver the most important data first to support your decision-making processes.


LDM Global experts use bespoke AI solutions to answer your most pressing question in fraud and Ponzi scheme investigations: Where are the funds?

Why depend on LDM Global for your data-related needs?

We partner with you to become part of your case Team

We audit our processes and technology to deliver even-better Results

We feel your time pressures and keep you informed for transparent Accountability

We understand cost pressures and deliver it right the first time without losing Quality

When your client comes to you with data-related questions, you need a partner that knows how to find the answers.

The Heart of the Matter

“LDM Global’s consultant was able to do some parsing through a pretty big number of documents to get them into some categories that were very helpful. She was able to isolate the important stuff so we could get to the heart of the matter very quickly.”

Robert N. LeMay

Director, Kane Russell Coleman & Logan