IP Litigation

Onshore and offshore services

Our Intellectual Property litigation support team leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence in unique workflows. LDM Global experts deliver the most important data first to support your decision-making processes.

  • Comply with local patent rules
  • Manage cross-border issues
  • Satisfy jurisdictional differences in data privacy and security regulations
  • Include unique, proprietary data types in patent litigation
  • Avoid price uncertainty for your client with transparent, guaranteed pricing
  • Protect your clients’ most valuable assets, it’s trade secrets and Intellectual Property

Why depend on LDM Global for your IP litigation needs?

Our global Team has experience across international jurisdictions

Our Results are delivered at surprisingly low costs

Our Accountability means we report to you on your timeframe

Our Quality is exemplary and consistent

When the foundation of your company is under threat, you need experience, expertise, and excellence.

Around the Clock Support

“Any time I needed something, LDM was there for me. The team was available at any time and would support me.”

Michael Rogers

Senior Associate, Ogier, Europe