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Document Coding for UK client

150,000 scanned images were processed via Objective Coding to meet a very tight deadline with 100% accuracy.


A UK client had an urgent requirement to process 150,000 scanned images to be processed via Objective Coding within 10 days. With a sudden spike in daily volumes, the client was unable to handle this quick turnaround.


LDM Global’s Legal Services team quickly jumped in to manage this project for the client. A dedicated Project Manager was assigned as a single point of contact to ensure seamless communication with the client and ensure adherence to the client’s coding manual.

The Full Story

Our client in the UK received a document dump including 150,000 images to be scanned and processed via objective coding, all to be delivered within 10 days.

With our proven expertise a dedicated Project Manager was aligned with the client and an experienced team was deployed to work efficiently through all phases of the project.

The team conducted detailed planning sessions with the client before the project kick-off. We designed an intelligent workflow including a staggered delivery schedule. This was beneficial for the client as it ensured receipt of a continuous feed of coded documents for sample quality control checks.

Our team’s excellent communication made the knowledge transfer a seamless and hassle-free process and coupled with excellent Project Management it ensured the project was completed ahead of schedule. Our client received 100% accuracy and had considerable cost savings as they did not incur any rush delivery fees.

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“All the 150,000 scanned images were accurately coded as per the client’s coding manual within 9 days of receipt.”

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