Case Study: U.S. Pharmaceutical Company

200,000 documents needed quick scanning and processing for infringement suit 

The judge ordered you to produce documents by when?


Over 200,000 papers stored in the U.K. needed to be processed and scanned for a U.S. patent infringement suit — fast. Data privacy and strict European Medicines Agency (EMA) compliance were critical.


In a matter of days, a dedicated team was in place at the U.K. facility. Document scanning was handled on site and completed ahead of schedule — despite a surprise compliance audit.

The Full Story

You rely on your eDiscovery team to be current with compliance regulations wherever you have facilities. Using a provider who does not maintain that standard can be disastrous.

Shire, a specialty pharmaceutical company based in the U.S., was pressed to produce its review database as ordered by the court. It turned to LDM Global for an especially sensitive project.

Shire’s U.K. facility housed volumes of documents that needed to be collected, culled, and scanned for review. By law, development records must remain at their original location, available for review by the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

Creative logistics were needed to process the documents.

Within days, LDM Global had a fully vetted team on site, prepared to handle all phases of the process with the utmost security and regard for compliance requirements.

While the operation was underway, the EMA conducted a surprise audit for compliance with record keeping policy. Had the documents been moved from the site for processing, Shire would have faced significant fines.

Over 200,000 pages were safely scanned to the review database — and completed ahead of schedule.

You’ll profit from LDM Global’s expertise and international resources, too.

“LDM Global’s responsiveness, quality, critical security provisions and their ability to respond to our very specific requirements from start to finish saved us countless hours and thousands of dollars.”

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