Case Study: Managed Document Review

Managed Document Review

Managed Document Review


LDM Global was approached by a US law firm on a Thursday night for a review of 50,000+ documents, with production due in 5 days. Reserving 1 day for the law firm’s second-level review, LDM Global had 4 days to complete the review including over the weekend.


To achieve the goal, LDM Global used its technological and resource-based assets. Below are the steps we took to complete the review to ensure the deadline was hit.

Experienced Review Team

  • LDM Global immediately assembled a team of 50 experienced in-house review attorneys.

Custom Workflow

  • With the help of LDM Global’s internal legal technology group, we created a workflow to frontload potentially responsive not privileged documents.
  • Using search term analytics, potentially non-relevant documents were deprioritized to be reviewed at the end.
  • QC was started simultaneously, and responsive not privileged documents were delivered on a rolling basis giving enough time to the Law Firm for their follow-on QC.

Efficient and Timely Review

  • LDM Global was able to complete the review ahead of schedule, coding for 8 issue codes, privilege, confidentiality, and Hot.
  • LDM Global provided managed review and quality control ensuring that the project remained on deadline and within budget.

Benefits and Outcome

Tech-enabled solutions

  • By using the search term analytics, LDM Global was able to prioritize relevant documents. giving sufficient time to the Law Firm for second-level review on this rush project.


  • The Law Firm did not have to worry about assembling reviewers at short notice.

Cost Savings

  • As a result of working with LDM Global, the client and law firm were positioned to spend their time on core issues rather than losing time and money reviewing nearly 50,000 documents themselves.

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